Gluten free guide

of naturally gluten free food

Nature offers plenty of gluten free raw materials, using which we can prepare delicious and nutritionally correct courses. Many of these ingredients, especially corn, rice and potato flours can be very useful for the preparation of first courses where wheat flour must be replaced by a gluten free ingredient. Otherwise, you can use meat, fish, clams, eggs without special limitations. Whenever it is not possible to replace wheat flour with a naturally gluten free flour, we can use products from the dietetics industry offering a wide range of gluten free products: flours, pasta, bread, biscuits, preparations for cakes, pizzas. They are all comparable to the gluten products for flavor, nutritional and organoleptic facts.

Basic rules

1 – Avoid products which you don’t know the content of and only use ingredients absolutely safe, like:
• Naturally gluten free produces (vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, milk).
• Food products appearing in Gluten free guide of the national association of celiac disease.
• Dietetics products (prepared by manufacturers authorized by the Ministry of Health) like Vidafree.
2 – Keep an area of the cupboard only for gluten free food;
3 – Carefully wash your hands after preparing courses with common flours;
4 – Clean the kitchen tools if previously used to prepare courses containing gluten;
5 – Make sure that pans, griddles or grills are free of any crumbs or traces of flour;
6 – Make sure that the cooking water for the pasta and the frying oil did not get in touch with any food containing gluten;
7 – Sprinkle the food (meat, vegetables, cheese) and thicken sauces exclusively with gluten free flours;
8 – Don’t make coffee with the same machine used for barley coffee.


Carefully read the list of ingredients!
For a better orientation we offer you two simple tables where you will find product with and without gluten.

Containing gluten

– Wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, emmer wheat, triticale, kamut
– Rours, starches, semolina, creams and flakes of forbidden cereals
– Pasta, filled pasta, potato dumplins, pizzoccheri
– Bread, breadcrumbs. bread-sticks, crackers, crispy toast- like bread, sandwich bread, pizza, focaccia
– Mother yeast or acid yeast
– Wheat germs
– Mtiamel Bran
– Barley malt
– Muesli, ponidge
– Beer from barley and/or wheat malt
– Malt or cereals yogurt
– Drinks containing malt barley, rye
– Hosts (unless the absence of gluten is specified)
– Vegetables with forbidden cereals
– Dehydrated fruits with flour
– Soluble coffee or coffee surrogated containing barley or malt

Naturally gluten free

– Buckwheat
– Quinoa – Manioc – Amaranth – Sorgum
– Meat, poultry and fish
– Cooked ham
– Fresh milk (pasteurized) and UHT milk (sterilized) without the addition of 
aromas or other substances (with the exception of vitamins and/or minerals)
– Fresh cream (pasteurized) and UHT cream without being mixed with other
 ingredients with the exception of carrageenan (E407)
– Fresh and seasoned cheese
– All types of fresh raw or cooked vegetables
– Fresh, dry and preserved (with oil) mushrooms
– All fresh and dry legumes, fresh fruit, canned fruit
– Dry fruit with or without shell: 
nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios. almonds, peanuts
– Tea, caffeine-free tea, chamomile, herbal teas
– Honey, sugar
– Maltodextrins, glucose syrup
– Nectar and fruit juices
– Fizzy drinks White, red and sparkling wine
– Butter, lard, pork fat
– Oils of olive, corn, sunflower, grapeseed, peanut and soya
– Non flavored vinegar. DOP balsamic vinegar
– Beer yeast (raw and lyophilized)
– Tomato sauce, peeled tomatoes
– Spices and aromatic herbs
– Vegetable and/or mushrooms preserved in oil or vinegar; 
water, salt, oil, vinegar, sugar, sulphur dioxide, ascorbic acid, citric acid
– Rice, rice flour, rice flakes
– Com, corn flour, corn flakes
– Millet, millet flour
– Soya, soya flakes and soya flour
– Chestnuts and chestnut flour
– Chickpeas and chickpeas flour


– Starches, flakes and flour preparations
– Tapioca, tapioca flakes and tapioca flour
– Potato starch
– Mayonnaise, sauces
– Soluble coffee


A genuine taste just like a homemade pie.


Soft and fragrant as a freshly baked cake.


Excellent snack with unique shape and flavor.

Biscuits and Sweets

A tasteful idea for a break or for breakfast.


Only with extra virgin olive oil.

First courses

Genuine flavours for a varied menu.

Main courses

Dedicated to real goumets who love excellent flavors.


Light and golden it is ideal for bread coating and filling.