alimenti senza glutine


gluten-free does not mean tasteless!

Vidafree is a product line of special food, maintaining strong traditions of the Italian gastronomic culture, dedicated to those following a gluten free diet, varied and rich in taste.


Sweet or salty, Vidafree products are the star of every meal. Any time of the day, healthy, balanced and gluten free food! You just have to try them!


A genuine taste just like a homemade pie.


Soft and fragrant as a freshly baked cake.


Excellent snack with unique shape and flavor.

Biscuits and Sweets

A tasteful idea for a break or for breakfast.


Only with extra virgin olive oil.

First courses

Genuine flavours for a varied menu.

Main courses

Dedicated to real goumets who love excellent flavors.


Light and golden it is ideal for bread coating and filling.

We‘d better chose Vidafree products!

Whenever it is not possible to replace wheat flour with a naturally gluten free flour, we can use products from the dietetics industry offering a wide range of gluten free products: flours, pasta, bread, biscuits, preparations for cakes, pizzas. They are all comparable to the gluten products for flavor, nutritional and organoleptic facts.

About us

Unifarmed is a company dedicated to R&D as well as the distribution of gluten free products. We can count on a great team of experienced people dedicating all their efforts to obtain delicious products that won’t make you miss the gluten food. All Vidafree products are made exclusively with naturally gluten free raw materials and manufactured in Italy, where the norms about “gluten free” products are very restrictive. All Vidafree products are authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health.